Post  Placement

WORKSTAR offers a dedicated Post Placement Support service which entails one of our Employment Consultants working with the Jobseeker onsite as/if needed to help with a smooth integration into the workplace.
This unlimited ongoing support is as thorough as each party requires and is tailored for each individual case.


Post Placement Support

Each Employee will require a different level of support after they have successfully obtained Employment. WORKSTAR is funded for this support and requires at least six months dedication to this support from each Employee. This support also acts as a safety net in case any issues arise for the Employee or Employer, we can look to have these issues resolved before they escalate. However, we understand that not all placements work out, so it also means that we can look at transitioning into a different role if needed, in a manner that all parties are happy with.

Onsite Job Coaching

For some Employees, Onsite Job Coaching is needed for a smooth intergration into a new role. In this instance a Workstar Consultant will accompany the Employee to work and work alongside them as needed. This is of huge benefit to the Employer as it means that down time and/or time for training is minimised. It is also helpful to the Employee as they have support of their Employment Consultant to help navigate their first shifts. This On Job Coaching can be as little as making sure they get to their first day's work on time, to working alongside them through out the day for as many days as needed. Once the Employee feels confident in their role, WORKSTAR continues to offer support for at least a further six months. 

On Site Support

For some Employees, onsite support is a great way to ensure Employee and Employer relations are at their best. By WORKSTAR's Consultants visiting Clients onsite, Employers are able to express their concerns, it creates transparent opportunities of open discussion around ongoing employment. When an Employment Consultant, Employee and Employer are all on the same page, the chance of relationship breakdown is greatly minimised.

Phone Support

For some Employees, a simple call each fortnight is all the support that they need. Some work environments are quite stressful, especially when trying to manage a disability and knowing that they have a Professional support just a phone call away can produce the peace of mind needed to carry out their roles effectively. We also understand that some people are working in an environment in which they don't feel comfortable disclosing their disability. Phone support is a way of WORKSTAR supporting their clients without the Employee feeling that their employment is compromised.

Off Site Support

For some Working Clients, a fortnightly catch up at the WORKSTAR Office is the way they utilise WORKSTAR's Post Placement Support service. These appointments are a chance for celebrating milestones / career progression, discussing workplace politics or even just a chance for Clients to get something off their chest. It is also a great chance to look for further work if the hours being worked are not satisfactory.