WORKSTAR's consultants are dedicated to serving both Job Seekers and Employers in fulfilling their employment needs. WORKSTAR will take every reasonable step possible to achieve positive outcomes for the Employer and Jobseeker alike. 


Each Job Seeker will require a different level of consultancy, as will each Employer. Because of this there is no cookie-cut solution with our consultancy. Some people come to us knowing exactly what they require and what they are looking to achieve. Others are relatively unsure and benefit from the professional experience of our Consultants and their ability to advise, guide and encourage each person in the right direction. Employers and Job Seekers alike can rest assured that the process is ultimately about what they individually need and WORKSTAR is dedicated to fulfilling these needs.


WORKSTAR has successfully brokered hundreds of placements for people throughout the Nelson region. Whether it is an Employer looking for a specific Job Seeker, or a Job Seeker looking for a specific role, we will assist in all matters associated with a healthy Employer - Employee relationship. As brokers for both parties our primary goal is to uphold dignity and confidence, while securing worthwhile employment that benefits all parties concerned. 


The job market, and the ways in which people obtain work, are constantly changing. With more emphasis on effective CVs & Cover Letters and the ability to identify skills and strengths; having a dedicated Employment Consultant means Job Seekers do not have to tackle these things alone. WORKSTAR's experienced Consultants are here to assist in not only job applications, but also Interview techniques, cold calling and career planning. We can also attend job interviews if the Job Seeker wishes.


WORKSTAR understands that signing any contract can be daunting and with all the laws around Employment Agreements, Employers themselves can sometimes worry if they have covered everything they need to in their contracts. We will sit down with Employers and Employees and help understand each contract while offering our advice where we feel it may be needed. Remember:  Employees have the right  to seek independent advice BEFORE signing any Employment Agreement / Offer.


Figures report that approximately 60% of vacancies are not advertised. This means that the only way to find such vacancies is to literally ask. WORKSTAR Consultants will approach businesses on the Job Seekers behalf and tap into this 60% of vacancies. When our Consultants know what type of work the Job Seeker is looking for, they will then target these industries to try and broker a suitable role.